Hi fellas

So yeah, man. Haven't been on here in a while. Made amends with Amanda over Christmas. I hate holding grudges. Was never good at it. Time heals wounds. And I think it was a learning experience for both of us.

In other news, after August I will officially be jobless because I'm going on tour for a month and my job won't let me leave for that long. Looks like I'm going to be jamming on the street corner with an open guitar case for a while. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

Life is still pretty good though overall. Me and Lex have been talking about possibly living together, but both fear it might be too soon. I really think our personalities work really well with each other though that maybe it could work out great.

But in the meantime, I need to worry about what I'm going to do after I get back from tour in the end of September. Maybe I can become a prostitute. I'll bet I can sell my ass for $100 an hour. $50 more for a reach around. i aint cheap. My shit will kill you with ecstacy.
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who is everybody?

ok, so I've added new friends to this lj that I've actually started to use every once in a while. But a lot of you that write comments to me on here that are friends of Amanda's I'm not really sure who you are by your lj names. I skim through some of your posts and still can't figure it out. lol. I'm sorry. I'm sure I know who all of you are but I'm unsure as to who is who. If you wouldn't mind could you all please re-introduce yourselves?
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special someone in my life

So its official. Lexie and I are officially a couple. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump into a new relationship having just gotten out of one over the summer and some major changes (my band touring and moving out on my own) happening in my life. But I really really have been growing stronger feelings toward her over the last month or so and I feel like I would have to be both blind and oblivious to not realize how great of a person she is for me. Not to mention she is beautiful. I've been having so much fun with her and so many deep conversations as well. And there are so many things that she does that make me feel comfortable around her. Things that I found familiar about my own personality. She plays piano. And she plays it pretty well. We've even written songs together a little bit and its an amazing feeling to be that connected to someone. In past relationships initially I would enter a relationshiip very passively while my significant other would pay compliments to me on a daily basis. And it made me feel secure and comfortable. And eventually I would catch up with my feelings and become the same. But with Lexie, I find myself complimenting her always and I find myself wanting to do things to make her smile. I think about her a lot and she has a way of making me laugh throughout the day. I love her sense of humor. She is easily amused much like myself. I'm really finding myself wanting to be with her more and more and for once in a relationship feeling more than just liking her for what might have been before a subconcious feeling of most of all just enjoying the security that they would initially make me feel... This is more than that... Much more...
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ashlee simpson "boyfriend" = new best song

I can't stop listening to this god damn song. Its too good. It sounds kind of like the clash in the verse and then it cuts in a measure early into the chorus so that the chord progression on the 4th time doesn't reach the 4th chord before it changes. So much energy. Seriously. I mean its not like SHE wrote the fucking song. PROFESSIONAL songwriters wrote it for her. People that know what they're doing and know how to write a hit. And they're latching onto the punk/emo scene now. Kelly Clarkson's all hard rock now. I dig that one song she has too. "Since you've been gone". Whatever, say what you will about me, but I don't care WHO it is. If I like it, I like it. And I hear this "boyfriend" song is about Lindsay Lohen and how she accused Ashle about stealing her boyfriend. Oooooh look! Now I'm all gossipy too! Like Ohmigosh!!
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I finally got internet in my new place. I've got to say I can't STRESS how much I LOVE living by myself. My life pretty much consists now of working, practicing, and touring every weekend. I spent most of my summer partying wayyyy too much. Now that I'm actually on a label I need to really focus on my music. And now that I'm living on my own I can do that quite easily. However, I HAD to get my place hooked up when I first moved in. So it took a good solid week of setting up new furniture and a new bed from IKEA before I could really get things situated. I did a lot of decorating and styling actually. lol. And I think I have a nice little set up. Queen sized bed, a new dresser, new entertainment center, a glass coffe table, full-sized mirror, two wall-mounting glass-cased cd holders that hold 280 cds a piece, and a bedside table. It was really exhausting building all of this but definitely worthwhile.

So on to this weekend....

We played Friday night in Binghampton NY, and then drove to NYC that night where we proceeded to sleep in the van in shifts in the middle of Manhatten because our friend who was supposed to let us crash there ended up not coming through. I got frustrated trying to sleep in the van with the rest of my band and the other band that we're touring with so I went outside and found this little area underneath an alcoved window of a first floor apartment behind this gate on the cold cement ground right offside of the sidewalk. It was kind of like a cement crib. lol. Hey, it served me better than sleeping in the van. I also walked around "the village" a little bit and caught an ad of us in the new revolver magazine.
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RG comes out Oct. 11th everywhere!!!

To anyone who is interested in helping me out and showing support or just wants to buy the album because it is DAMN GOOD, please try and buy it from a regular retail store that will scan the barcode. This way it goes through soundscan and makes our demographics look better to our label. Fuck yeah!
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past few weeks

I'm glad I was able to finish up my summer with some good times. So far I've been down to the beach twice, played a handful of awesome shows, met a bunch of cool people in different states, got chicks sending me topless pics through e-mail from shows we played in NY, lol, and overall just been hanging out with my friends and bandmates going to parties and laughing my ass off. I move in Friday to my new place in Upper Darby as well. It feels good to finally have a place all to myself. I no longer want to be co-dependant on anyone.

I ran into an old friend a few weeks ago. I knew her from like 8 years ago.
We used to hang out a lot. But she moved for a while and then there was a period where she wasn't really hanging out with anyone anymore. She came out to meet my friend Traci at this bar we went to and she looked absolutley incredible! We ended up hitting it off pretty good and I spent the rest of the weekend with her. Not sure where things are going to go from here, but I've really been having a lot of fun hanging out with her. She makes me laugh and I feel incredibly comfortable around her, always. We'll see what happens. Life is good.
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Crazy awesome

So I went to the mall today to get a digital camera. While I was walking around, I decided to stop in FYE and pick up some cds. I got the new Cradle, The new Slipknot, and the Yngwie, and then I saw one copy of Dysrhythmia with its own bin sitting under pop rock. Dysrhythmia is a band on Relapse with us that is at the same class level contract as us!!! And they're still big enough to get into regular stores in the mall!!! lol! I can't wait until October 11th when I can walk into FYE and purchase a copy of my own band's fucking cd. This is crazy! My life long dream is coming true. Fucking A!!!!
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